Bundies stories

Welcome to Bundies blog page. On this blog page we will keep you updated about important and informative activities concerning Bundies and the beautiful industry we operate in.  However, we also would like to inform you about adventures we come across with while exploring our wonderful planet during the improvement of our undies. Enjoy reading the posts at our blog and contact us if you think you have something interesting to share.

Bundies news

The world we live in keeps on changing by the minute. This means we need to adapt to these changes and be on top of our game to perform the best way possible. To keep track of all these changes we travel across the world and try to get a piece of every great innovation and fit it somehow into our products, for example to improve the comfort. Great example of this is othe TENCEL modal fabric we use. We love to share all these innovative developments with you because we want you to know what our product stands for. 

Bundies adventures

As we already mentioned we see a lot of places to perfect our products. During these adventures we come across a lot of interesting stories and adventures which we love to share with you. We also encourage others to take us with them in their adventures because we are sure we can learn from each other and make the world a better place doing so. We also love to read posts from people and businesses who have anything in common with our product or industry.