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3 things that Good Coffee & Comfy Undies have in Common

May 22, 2018

3 things that Good Coffee & Comfy Undies have in Common

If you know Bundies you may be wondering why we have this article comparing coffee and underwear. Seems like a strange connection, doesn’t it?

Well, while these two things function in wildly different ways, they overlap in other ways you might not have thought about. To be clear, we’re not talking about your regular daily dose of caffeine. 

We’re talking about Coffee that tastes like heaven in a cup and gets you hooked after the first sip :-) 

Don’t believe us yet? That’s fine, but at least consider the three things that both good coffee and great underwear have in common.


Number 1: Both can help to start your morning the right way

Science has spoken. There is now an official two step process to start the morning off right.

  1. Put on a Comfy pair of Undies
  2. Drink a Good Cup of Coffee

It’s that simple. If you can do those two things (in the order of your choosing) you’re morning is guaranteed to be better than it would have been otherwise.

In all seriousness, there’s nothing better than starting off the day with a delicious cup of joe while dressed in underwear made of super soft fabrics. The comfort you receive from both can put you into a peaceful state of mind needed to take on the challenges that await during the day. When you’re looking for every edge imaginable doing as something as getting comfortable and enjoying a nice drink can do wonders for your productivity. While we may have stretch the truth a little bit (science hasn’t exactly confirmed that coffee and underwear make your day better) it has confirmed the positive benefits of morning routines. Why not make that routine one of silky smooth undergarments and a perfectly brewed drink? Sounds like a good morning to us.

Just imagine the alternative. Waking up to slip on some old uncomfortable underwear as you drink down a cold bitter cup of coffee. Not as pleasant, is it?


Number 2: Both give you confidence

Forget the morning benefits, good underwear and coffee give you the confidence you need to succeed throughout the day. Coffee’s benefit comes from its caffeine and subsequent energy boost. This energy gives you the confidence you need to tackle whatever needs to be done. Comfortable underwear has a similar effect, albeit in a much more subdued manner. The confidence derived from underwear comes from it’s noticeable quality to fade into the background as if you're wearing nothing. Both give you a sense of confidence as you go throughout your day, it’s just that underwear does it in a less noticeable manner. If freedom and confidence is what you’re after then good coffee and great fitted underwear are what you want!


Number 3: Both have EVOLVED

As you’ve probably noticed, coffee has made significant improvements over the last decade. With the rise of e-commerce and the internet, ideas have spread and coalesced to bring the world new inventive ways of brewing and enjoying coffee. What you might not realize is that the same thing has happened to the underwear industry. Gone are the days of simple boxers and briefs with little variation. Today, companies like Bundies are traveling the world looking for new ways to design and engineer the perfect underwear for the modern man. Science and technology have come together to create underwear that feel as good as modern coffee tastes. With new fabrics and strategic designs today’s underwear is made with the consumer in mind.

Next time you wear our comfortable underwear, imagine how much better it would feel with a cup of delicious coffee.





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