The magic is in the details

We want to offer you the most comfortable underwear and we go the extra mile to make sure you only get the best. This is why we care about the details. From the fabrics that we use, down to the finishings and seams, we provide  you the best men’s basics, so you can focus on the things you love to do.

Bundies - Confort - Social Media Waistband


Super soft and stretchy, no roll waistband made of Elastane Jersey that is lightweight, durable and resistant to moisture.

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Perfect fit around leg

Stretchy legs with build in elastic band fits perfect across the legs. This also assures the leg won’t ride up during the day.

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Bundies - Confort - Social Media TENCEL

Ultra soft fabric

TENCEL is an extremely soft, comfortable and cooling fabric which wears extremely comfotable during the day. We use this revolutionary fiber for our TENCEL Trunks and TENCEL Boxers

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Fabric covered AND STRETCHY waistbands

Two-way stretch technology waistband covered with our super soft TENCEL Modal fabric for the perfect fit.

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Bundies - Confort - Social Media Stretchy
Bundies - Confort - Social Media Vents

Custom cut legs for comfort

The comfortable 100% organic cotton fabric wears extremely soft and the side vent make sure you won’t notice the legs on your chill day.

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Printed Care Label

We believe a care label on the inside of your undies should be informative, not annoying. Therefore we decided to print our care labels instead of adding extra fabric on the inside. Follow our care and washing instructions to keep colors bright and preserve the fabric and elastic.

Visit the CleverCare website and learn how to reduce your climate impact and to take better care for your Bundies underwear.

Bundies - Confort - Social Media Care label

Signature Details

Bundies are not just undies, we love details that improve your comfort throughout the day. We also think that the small things matter, so besides colourful and modern prints we added Bundies buttons and brand labels so you can wear your Bundies with pride.

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