Why Bundies

You might not realize but underwear plays an important role in your daily life and comfort level, as you wear it every day. Underwear that doesn’t breathe well causes irritation on the skin and can feel hot and sweaty. This in combination with a bad fit can result into a poor underwear experience and nobody is looking for that. 

At Bundies we have the answer for this. With an eye for Detail, Sustainability, and Comfort we have created a men’s underwear collection that prevents all these unfavorable moments. By only using high quality fabrics with innovative cuts you almost feel like not wearing your underwear at all, which is what we all want isn’t it? Our TENCEL Trunks and TENCEL Boxers offers extreme softness and cools you down during the day. It breathes, regulates moisture and sweat quickly, is anti-bacterial and anti-static. All these innovations result into the best wearing experience.