TENCEL modal

When it comes to underwear, one of the softest, most comfortable and most breathable fabric in the world is Modal. We use TENCEL Modal (formally known as Lenzing Modal) for our Trunks and Boxers because it is exceptionally ecological and feels superbly soft on the skin. Measurements of the softness factor show that TENCEL Modal fibers are twice as soft as cotton. It also absorbs 50% more moisture and retains its shape and comfort even with repeated washing.

100% Organic Cotton

Another top choice for underwear material is 100% Organic Cotton. As a natural fibre, cotton is known for its long lasting shape and quality, and also for providing more comfort and breathability than synthetic materials like polyester and spandex. Unfortunately, the production of standard cotton usually involves the use of harmful pesticides, fungicides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This is extremely harmful to the environment and this is why we only use 100% Organic Cotton for some of our Boxers.