5 Underwear Questions Men Hope Women Don’t Ask

(Because the Dirty Truth is Not Sexy)

There are many things women don’t know about men’s underwear habits. Firstly because it’s a personal topic so people don’t really talk about it and secondly because many women just assume men aren’t too different from themselves – they are dead wrong.

Did you know that more than 8 in 10 men reuse their dirty underwear from time to time? Either because they don’t have spares or because they think it’s “still okay”. Some women do it too of course, but only a tiny handful at about 5 per cent (or 1 in 20).

It’s clear that most women care a lot about below the belt hygiene and if you guys don’t want to score a big fat zero on her pop quiz, you should know the right answers to these questions. (Also, just for fun we took these questions on the road to get some candid answers.)


Funniest Answer:

I have one set of underwear with the days of the week printed on each of them. Unfortunately I lost Friday and Sunday so sometimes it’s Monday three days a week.

Right Answer:
Assuming you do your laundry once a week, every guy should have at least 14 pairs of underwear, one for each day plus backups for exercise or travel. In the real world however, guys don’t always have the luxury or inclination to do their weekly laundry, so aim to have around 20 pairs for a comfortable buffer.


Funniest Answer:
When they get dirty or start to smell of course … but I get lazy sometimes so it’s a good thing I learnt this trick in the army. I wear my underwear till it’s not clean then turn it inside out and use the other side.

Right Answer:

Contrary to what some men might think, sweaty underwear is not attractive to women at all so don’t even think about reusing your undies. Whenever you sweat from exercise or just from being out and about, your undies soak it all in. Practising good hygiene means washing them after each wear or once a day at the very least.
Interesting Fact:
28 per cent of men believe that two day old underwear is well within the bounds of hygiene.


Funniest Answer:
I never throw out old underwear so when I put on or lose weight, I always have something to go back to. (When asked about wear and tear our guys adds) … I don’t mind holes so much, it just makes the underwear more breathable.

Right Answer:

Undies are for keeping your nether regions clean and comfy, and old underwear lose their ability to do that with repeated wash and wear. So as a rule of thumb, men should replace their underwear at least once a year. Don’t treat your undies like a security blanket. Once they get faded or saggy, it’s time to get new ones. If they have holes or stains definitely chuck them without even thinking twice.
Interesting Fact:
Most men tend to hold on to underwear till they are literally falling apart because they don’t really know how to shop for them.


Funniest Answer:
Life is a constant battle so Ma’am, Yes Ma’am! All day everyday!
Right Answer:
Only if I have to. Going commando can feel liberating but there’s a price to pay for that freedom. For one thing, without undies, sweat and stains go directly to your pants so you’ll have to do a lot more laundry. Another downside is the possibility of chafing. Underwear protects your privates from rubbing against the coarser fabric of your pants so unless you plan to apply lube or powder, you might not enjoy ‘freedom’ all that much.


Funniest Answer:
To be fair, there is no real wrong answer to this one and you should wear whatever fabric you like. However, silk and some synthetic fabrics are not as breathable as other materials and can trap moisture leading to discomfort or infection – which isn’t sexy or funny at all.

Right Answer:
Organic Cotton is a great choice but if you are a true underwear connoisseur, then nothing less than Modal will do. Modal is a natural fiber made by spinning cellulose from beech trees. Not only does it absorb 50% more moisture than standard cotton, it is at least twice as soft and it retains its shape and comfort even with repeated washing.
Interesting Fact:
The textile industry is one of the largest polluters in the world, second only to oil. Fortunately there are companies like Lenzing that use environmentally sustainable practices to produce fabric like Lenzing Modal for clothing.


If you answered all these questions correctly, you are a man amongst men, the 1 in 5 that a lady would be proud to introduce to her friends and family.

If you bombed the test, don’t worry. It’s never too late for you to become underwear savvy and start getting top scores on below the belt hygiene.

All jokes aside, hygienic underwear habits are as important for a man’s health as it is for his romantic life. And it really isn’t all that difficult to get a regular supply of cool and comfortable undies. Simply visit www.bundies.com, pick out your favourite styles, sign up for a subscription and you’ll get fresh new undies sent directly to your door as often as you like. No fuss, no hassle, just comfort all day long.

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