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Buy the Right Underwear. Simple as That.

Guys, have you ever wondered why women seem so obsessed with lingerie? They chat about it with friends, follow fashion trends and spend small fortunes. They do this because they know that the perfect pair of underwear is a powerful weapon of seduction – you never know when you’ll need it, but it will be there when you do.

Of course we’re not saying you need to talk to your buddies about undies, subscribe to GQ or spend lots of money on underwear but at the very least, you should get a pair that flatters your body type. With the right underwear, you’ll feel comfy all day long, your clothes will fit better over it and you’ll look much nicer without clothes. There is no faster or easier way to up your level of attractiveness.

So how do you find the best underwear for you? Just follow our guide for some quick pointers on the four main underwear styles in the market.


Think old-school tighty whities, the kind a mom would buy her 6 year old. These days, briefs come in a variety of styles, colours and designs but ask most ladies and they’ll say it reminds them of their dad’s undies. Of course, there are a few who still find them sexy but unless you’re a gambling man, that’s a bet you don’t need to take.

Typical briefs cover your backside and support your package but leave your thighs exposed. This is ideal for bigger guys with thicker legs because less material means less fabric riding up to cause weird rolls under your pants.

Take note that briefs also come in low, mid and high-rise styles, referring to how you wear the briefs. Low-rise sits below the natural waistline and high-rise sits above. If you have a smaller backside, opt for low rise briefs which will make your bum look less flat and if you have a bigger backside, go with mid-rise briefs which will cover more butt cheek. What about high-rise briefs you ask? Nope. Just nope.

The Bottom Line: Briefs are a good choice for guys with a bit of weight and those with thicker legs.


Loose fitting and much more breathable than briefs, boxers are the most fun of all underwear styles. They tend to come in the boldest colours and patterns and have evolved beyond the baggy cuts of yesteryear to offer slick and stylish silhouettes.

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Boxers are a popular style amongst men because they provide more freedom to move, room to breathe and some even come with an easy access fly. Old school boxers with their loose fabric and bunched-up waistbands don’t fit so well under pants however, so look out for modern slimmer-cut designs.

If you want a little more room than briefs but still fitted around the legs, go with slim-fit boxers. These stay closer to the body and won’t bunch up under fitted pants. On the other hand, if you want even more breathability and freedom, go with casual-fit boxers. These are particularly great for those times when you just want to feel at ease like when you’re just hanging around at home or taking an afternoon nap.

As far as looking sexy goes, research shows that most women want their men to wear classy designs or fun patterns that don’t go too crazy. What’s too crazy? Unicorn horn over your package is too crazy.

The Bottom Line: Boxers are great for guys who want to show they are fun yet classy, like James Bond.


If a pair of briefs and boxers got married and had a child it would be boxer-briefs. Combining the features of both styles, boxer-briefs provide more coverage than briefs, more package support than boxers and added protection from thigh chafing.

While most body types can pull off a pair of boxer-briefs, it really shines on guys with some junk in the trunk. That’s because briefs that are big enough to cover a generous derrière might look saggy in the front while boxers that are wide enough to fit it all in will have a waistband that’s too loose. Boxer-briefs on the other hand have no problem, they wrap everything up nicely just like a christmas present.

Another body type that pulls off the boxer-brief well are tall guys, who don’t really have many other options. Briefs don’t provide them enough coverage, looking way too small on them while boxers tend to droop when they bend over, revealing butt crack galore. Boxer-briefs provide enough coverage so you only show off what you want to when you want to, and are long enough so you don’t look like a man running around in little boys underwear.

The Bottom Line: Boxer-briefs are good for guys blessed with big bottoms or great height and nice for working out.


If a pair of briefs and boxers got married and had a child with super powers, it would be trunks. The latest and most popular underwear style, trunks have all the advantages of boxer-briefs plus they look twice as good. More comfy and more classy, it’s no wonder they have become the new norm in the world of men’s underwear.

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Unlike boxer briefs that tend to extend all the way to the knees, trunks stop somewhere between the upper and mid-thigh. This is great for a wide range of body types, particularly short guys and skinny guys. Trunks make short guys look tall because showing off more leg makes you look taller. It also helps skinny guys create the illusion that they have more meat on the bone and makes their butt look less flat. Go with fitted trunks and you get the added bonus of making your legs look bigger and more muscular, like how t-shirts with tight sleeves make your biceps pop.

Compared to other styles of underwear, trunks tend to come in more sporty colours and fabrics. They are also usually designed with low-rise waistbands. This combination of factors make trunks especially suited for guys with an athletic body who aren’t shy about showing off some skin. After all you don’t get a six-pack just to keep them under your t-shirt do you? Didn’t think so.

On a side note, if you live in Asia, where it can get pretty hot and humid, trunks are a great choice for comfort and breathability.

The Bottom Line: Tall and short, big or small, you just can’t go wrong with trunks.


So you find the right pair of undies and you look like a million dollars. Then what? Take it one step further and get a pair that makes you feel just as great, because undies are as much for your comfort as they are for that special someone to look at.

When it comes to underwear the softest, most comfortable and most breathable fabric in the world has got to be Modal, an ultra soft material made from the natural fibres of beech trees. Not only does it absorb 50% more moisture than standard cotton, it is at least twice as soft and retains its shape and comfort even with repeated washing. If you go with Modal, look out for Lenzing Modal for guaranteed quality. Lenzing is the leader in Modal R&D and they are fully committed to sustainable and eco-friendly production.

Another top choice for underwear material is Organic Cotton. A natural fibre, cotton is known for providing more comfort, breathability and durability than synthetic materials like polyester and spandex. Unfortunately, the production of standard cotton usually involves the use of harmful pesticides, fungicides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This is extremely harmful to the environment. So if you go with cotton, look out for organic cotton which is grown without the use of GMOs and pollutive chemicals.

Follow these tips and not only will you look good and feel good, you would be protecting the environment. If that doesn’t increase your attractiveness tenfold, nothing will.

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