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Bundies mens underwear - Subscription benefits

Subscription benefits

Save 20% on your underwear
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How it works

Choose one of the subscription options;
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Right Size Guarantee

You can’t know how comfortable our underwear is until you try it on, right? If you don’t like the fit of your first pair of Bundies? No worries! We promise we make things right with you.

Bundies mens underwear - Grey and Green Boxershort
Bundies mens underwear - TENCEL trunks


Our Trunks are made from natural TENCEL Modal for ultimate comfort, breathability and softness. 


This Boxer is truly the best of both worlds, the softer-than-soft touch of TENCEL Modal fabric combined with superb fit and comfort.

Bundies mens underwear - TENCEL Boxershorts
Bundies mens underwear - Organic cotton Boxershorts

Organic Cotton Boxers

This Boxer is a redesigned classic made from 100% Cotton. With its unique side vents and super soft waistband it offers an awesome look and feel.


TENCEL Modal is a 100% natural fiber that is made from wood pulp from the beechwood tree. The trees grow in controlled forests in Europe and do not have to be artificially planted (the beechwood nuts falling from the trees grow into new trees) and do not need artificial irrigation.

The premium fabric is characterized by its unique natural aspects such as ultimate softness, breathability (keeps cool) and strength. The TENCEL Modal fiber is very strong, which means that your underwear lasts longer. The dying process of TENCEL Modal is easier and therefore more durable than Cotton and other fabrics. Also, TENCEL Modal retains its color better after washing so your underwear colors won’t fade so easily.

SUBSCRIPTION | 100% organic cotton UNDERWEAR

Another top choice for underwear material is 100% Organic Cotton. As a natural fibre, cotton is known for its long-lasting shape and quality, and also for providing more comfort and breathability than synthetic materials like polyester and spandex. Unfortunately, the production of standard cotton usually involves the use of harmful pesticides, fungicides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This is extremely harmful to the environment and this is why we only use 100% Organic Cotton for some of our Boxers.